One Direction's Zayn Malik shows off stubble and unstyled hair at the end of a night out.

Zayn Malik is normally very stylish with a clean-cut boyish image, but after a night’s clubbing on Tuesday Zayn was seen getting into a cab looking a little worse for wear. He had face stubble and messy hair, looking very different to the Zayn we know and love.

Maybe he is undergoing some sort of transformation, because we haven’t seen Zayn before without his perfectly styled hair.

Apparently he was wearing thick rimmed glasses to cover his tired and bleary eyes. His dress sense was another matter for comment - he was wearing two layered white vests with a cut off black vest on top.

He appeared to be without his band mates and his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards.

Either way, whatever he wears and however he looks, Zayn has a huge fan following, with his newest fan being Miley Cyrus. Miley tweeted recently of herself and her girlfriends:  'We’ve spent an hour stalking Zayn from @onedirection.' 'But gotta admit I love every second of it. ???.'

Zayn and his girlfriend recently stopped by at his cousin Zarish’s 16th birthday party, creating quite a stir. Unfortunately he was not feeling very well and only stayed for a short visit, but we can imagine how excited the birthday party guests must have been to have such famous drop-ins.

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