One Direction

One Direction fan mail is actually answered by One Direction!!

Have you ever wondered how much fan mail One Direction receives? Well, I can tell you this much – way too much to count!!

Everyday, email inboxes are stuffed full of One Direction fan mail. And postal mailboxes throughout the UK are also stuffed full of letters, gifts and marriage proposals!!

The One Direction guys, love their fans and love the support they receive through fan mail. Niall and Zayn joked when asked if they personally answer.

“Do we answer? Of course! But it may take three months!” Wow, I guess that tells you how much One Direction fan mail arrives!

To make things even more weird – they can only count the official fan mail boxes. Who knows how many fake email addresses are set up to fool fans.

One thing to remember, it is always free to drop a line to your favorite 1D guy! Or, you can send a pic and letter to ALL of them – that’s free too.

And of course, it’s hard to pick a favorite when you have that line-up. Whoo Hoo!!

So you want to send One Direction fan mail, but don’t know what to say? Well, they love to hear from us, so say anything!

Tell them you love them. Or love their hair. Or love their dancing. Or love their clothes. Or saw them in concert. Or you want to see them in concert.

Who knows, you might just wind up with free tickets! How cool would that be?!?

When they talk about fan mail, the group says they love hearing what their fans think. Even if it means saying you don’t like a video.

They say that compliments and criticism help them grow. They are here for their fans and want to give the fans what they want!!

One Direction Fan Mail Frenzy - 1D Guys Answer Fan Mail

One Direction Fan Mail Frenzy - 1D Guys Answer Fan Mail