One Direction Shows Us How To Live While We’re Young!!

Live While We’re Young is a hit song for One Direction and for a great reason!! First, of course, they are adorable!!!

I don't know exactly what these girls are doing, but they are definitely having a crazy breakdown over 1D and I guess life as a teenager!!

The guys know how to make the most of any song with a great beat. And, with Live While We’re Young, we get to see a bit of each one of their personality.

I think this will always be one of my favorites songs, and there’s not pretending – it’s actually love!! Seriously, we drive with the music up and the windows down!!

Listening to Live While We’re Young, especially in the summer just makes you feel good. It has such cool and silly lyrics that it just makes you want to go somewhere and have fun.

Clearly, the folks in this video didn't fully understand how to Live While We're Young! We have to let them know that "Live While We're Young" is about enjoying life, not crying about what you aren't.

And, come on – I know I can’t be the only one who pretends the song is about me. Right? Seriously, am I right?? I can put myself right in the song and right in the video!

Imagine just meeting Niall or Harry – or whoever your favorite guy is – and being able to just let your hair down and hang out for a nite!!

The idea of life being so hard when we get older and have to work is real. Live While We’re Young is just really great advice when you think about it.

When are we going to get the chance to hang out all nite with friends (and the best band ever!) listening to music and having fun? We don’t have to wake up early for work.

And in the summertime, we don’t even have to worry about getting up for school. We can just relax and enjoy life to the fullest!!

Live While We're Young

Live While We're Young